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Grand Lodge Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Grand Lodge contain data about the functioning of Masons and Freemasonry within Maine from 1820 (when Maine became a State and our Grand Lodge was formed). Much of this material will be of interest to Masonic researchers only while genealogists may find relatives listed among the officers of various Lodges in the reports of the Grand Lodge meetings.

Lodge histories often reflect the activities of the city or town where the lodge is located and can provide a unique look at the times and people from the past.

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Books & Lodge Histories

A few books about Maine Freemasonry and the history of a few Maine Lodges are available to read online.

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Grand Lodge Library

The Grand Lodge Library located in Holden, ME provides a wealth of books and other materials for Masons and for the community of all ages and interests.

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Membership Records

As we preserve our history, we've been busy with projects that might benefit a genealogical researcher. It is important to remember, however, that Freemasonry in Maine - similar to most other Masonic jurisdictions worldwide - only collects information from a candidate so that the lodge may properly vote on his suitability to become a member.

We have links to the nearly 200,000 3x5 cards that record those deceased members who joined between 1820 and 1995. There are also cards for some who joined prior to 1820 before Maine became a state and its own Grand Lodge was formed. Those who joined before 1995 but who were still living at that time are NOT included.

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