Freemasonry in Maine 1762 - 1945

Author:  Ralph J. Pollard

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Freemasonry in Maine


Seal of the Grand Lodge of Maine


R. W. Ralph J. Pollard

Past Deputy Grand Master
Grand Lodge Historian


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To the Most Worshipful Grand
Lodge of Ancient Free and
Accepted Masons of the
State of Maine

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I.  The Background of Masonic History  

CHAPTER II. The Beginnings of Freemasonry in Maine -- 1762-1792   

CHAPTER III. Maine Lodges Under the Grand Lodge or Massachusetts -- 1792-1820  

CHAPTER IV. The Organization of the Grand Lodge of Maine -- 1820

CHAPTER V.  Administrations from 1820 -1830

CHAPTER VI. The Morgan Affair and Anti-Masonry. Administrations from 1830 -1845        

CHAPTER VII. Administrations from 1845 -1860  

CHAPTER VIII.The Civil War. Administrations from 1860- 1872

CHAPTER IX. Administrations from 1872-1895

CHAPTER X The End of an Era. Administrations from 1895-1903 

CHAPTER XI. Administrations from 1903-1920 

CHAPTER XII. Administrations from 1920-1930

CHAPTER XIII. The Depression Years. Administrations From 1930-1940

CHAPTER XIV. The War Years. Administrations from 1940-1945

CHAPTER XV. The Grand Lodge of Maine Today

CHAPTER XVI. The Appendant and Concordant Rites in Maine

CHAPTER XVII. Conclusion

Officers of the Grand Lodge Since 1920

WEB ADDENDUM -- Grand Master Biographies from the book

Second edition additional chapters covering 1946-1970

(See important note regarding numbering in the column on left.)


Picture of RW Ralph J. Pollard

Ralph J. Pollard

R. W. Brother Pollard was born in Lowell, Mass., November 16, 1896, son of John W. and Elizabeth L. (MacLaine) Pollard. He was educated in the public schools of Lowell, Massachusetts Military Academy (1917) and The Infantry School, U. S. Army. 1925. A soldier and officer in the Army of the United States since 1915, he served during the Mexican Border Mobilization of 1016. During the World War (1917-1918) he served on the staff of the Provost Marshal General's Department of the A. E. F. in France and now holds the rank of Captain on the Inactive List. Since the World War he has served professionally as military instructor in Military Academies in New Jersey and New York. Brother Pollard first saw the light in Masonry in Arion Lodge, No. 162, Goodwin's Mills, from which lodge he dimitted and affiliated with Mantua Lodge, No. 95, Mantua, N. J., and on moving from that state he dimitted and joined Court land Lodge, No. 34, Peekskill, N. Y. On moving to Maine he transferred his membership to King Solomon's Lodge, No. 61, Waldoboro. He was Worshipful Master of King Solomon's Lodge, 1937-1939, and High Priest of Medomak Chapter, 1940. In the Grand Lodge of Maine he was Grand Steward, 1939 1941; District Deputy Grand Master of the Tenth District. 1941, and elected Deputy Grand Master, 1942. Since 1925, as a Masonic writer and speaker, he has given freely of his time to the lodges in most of the Grand Jurisdictions along the Atlantic seaboard, and is held in the highest esteem by the brethren in Maine.

(Nora): (At the Annual Communication, May 4, 1943, R. W. Brother POLLARD, much to his regret and that of the brethren, on account "I physical infirmities, felt it unwise to consider re-election as Deputy Grand Master).


Webmaster comment: The last paragraph above is exactly - including the apparent absence of words - as it appears in the original of the book.


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