Freemasonry in Maine 1762 - 1970

Author:  Ralph J. Pollard   These pages were added to the original book for the Grand Lodge of Maine sessqui-centennial.

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Additional Chapters

Covering The Years



M. W. Ralph J. Pollard, P.G.M.

Grand Lodge Historian

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My original History of Freemasonry in Maine, covering the years from 1762 to 1945, was published by Grand Lodge as part of its 125th anniversary observance. Now, another quarter-century has passed away, and the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maine is preparing to celebrate the sesqui-centennial of its existence as a sovereign Masonic power. As part of this observance, our Grand Master, M. W. and Dr. Harold L. Chute, has directed me to bring our Grand Lodge History up-to-date. This I am very happy to do. The preparation of the original history was one of my most interesting Masonic assignments, and I am truly thankful that I have been spared to record the accomplishments of the Craft under the leadership of twelve more Grand Masters.

The present work is a continuation of the original history. Chapter numbers begin where those of the 1945 history left off, and the continuity of the narrative is unbroken. I trust that these additional chapters will be of interest to my brethren, so many of whom have taken part in the events which are described therein.

With appreciation, I acknowledge the consistent encouragement and support which I have received from our Most Worshipful Grand Master, the active collaboration and assistance given to me by our Grand Secretary, R. W. Earle D. Webster, the courtesy of all living Past Grand Masters in checking my accounts of their administrations, and the invaluable secretarial assistance of my good wife, without which the preparation of these chapters would have been impossible.

Waldoboro, Maine
    November 1, 1969

Ralph J. Pollard, P.G.M.
Grand Lodge Historian



Chapter XVIII. The Post-War Years. Prosperity and Growth. Administrations from 1945-1954

Chapter XIX.   Administrations from 1954-1962. The Bi-Centennial of Freemasonry of Maine, 1962

Chapter XX.    The Challenge of Changing Times. Administrations from 1962 -1970

Chapter XXI.   The Grand Lodge of Maine Today, 1969 - 1970

Chapter XXII.  The Appendant and Concordant Rites in Maine, 1945 - 1970

Chapter XXIII. Conclusion


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