History of Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Maine AF & AM

Local lodge histories

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From its beginnings in Maine in 1793, Lodges have kept minutes of their meetings. In addition, not long after the formation of the Grand Lodge of Maine in 1820, Lodges were required to keep and submit a 'Lodge History' summarizing the major events of the lodge during the period of submission.

As with any human endeavor, some were completed with more diligence than others. Some are merely a recitation of numbers and dates while others add a broad and rich history to the subject.

During the course of its history, the Grand Lodge of Maine has had varying submission requirements for these histories and, sadly, these were sometimes ignored. Chroniclers were of varying capabilities but all were concerned that the history of their lodge be kept. We owe them - both known and unknown - a tribute for their efforts.

The local lodge histories online at this time include the following (in the order they have been added):

Fish, Ships and Quarry Chips, Being An Account of the Life and Times of Eureka Lodge No. 84 AF & AM of Tenants Harbor, Maine by Wallace M. Gage, published 1981

History of Piscataquis Lodge No. 44 A.F. & A.M. of Milo, Maine

Histories of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge No. 217 A.F. & A.M. of Orrington, Maine

Trinity Lodge No. 130 of Preque Isle - the Lodge Histories in PDF format