Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1849, VOL. II. 1848-1854.

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Grand Lodge of Maine


The Annual Communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine, was holden at Masons' Hall, in Portland, on the third day of May, A. L. 5849, and was opened in ample form at 9 o'clock a. m., by M. W. Alexander H. Putney, Grand Master, assisted by

R. W. JOHN C. HUMPHREYS, S. G. Warden;

R. W. JOSEPH C. STEVENS, J. G. Warden;

R. W. HENRY H. BOODY, Grand Treasurer;

R. W. CHARLES B. SMITH, Rec. Grand Secretary;

R. W. FREEMAN BRADFORD, Cor. Grand Secretary;

W. & Rev. CYRUS CUMMINGS, Grand Chaplain;


W. NELSON RACKLYFT, Senior Grand Deacon;

W. HENRY C. LOVELL, J. G. Deacon, pro tem.;

W. GEORGE SMALL, Grand Steward;

W. WM. SOMERBY, Grand Steward;

W. ASA BAILEY, G. Sword Bearer;

W. EBENEZER G. EATON, G. Pursuivant;

Bro. JOHN DAIN, Grand Tyler.

district deputy grand masters.

First District—R. W. DANIEL WINSLOW.

Second District—R. W. HEZEKIAH HUTCHINS, JR.

Third District—R. W. LORY BACON.

Fourth District—R. W. JOHN W. LINDLEY.

Fifth District—R. W. ASA A. POND.

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Seventh District—R. W. JABEZ TRUE.

Eighth District—R. W. THOMAS P. TUFTS.

past grand officers.

M. W. ROBERT P. DUNLAP, Past Grand Master.

M. W. ABNER B. THOMPSON, Past Grand Master.

Prayers were offered by Rev. Bro. Cummings, Grand Chaplain.

Copies of the printed proceedings of last year were then distributed among the members, and the reading of the records dispensed with.

On motion,

Voted, That Master Masons in regular standing, who may desire it, be invited to take seats as visitors during this communication.

Many visiting brethren were then admitted.

R. W. Bro. Bradford offered a resolution,

That the following standing committees be appointed by the Grand Master, whose duty it shall be to consider and report upon all such matters as shall be referred to them during the present communication, viz:

  1.  A Committee on Credentials.
  2.  A Committee on Dispensations and Charters.
  3.  A Committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers.
  4.  A Committee on Returns.
  5.  A Committee on Grievances and Appeals.

Each to consist of three members.

Resolution read and passed.

The M. W. Grand Master then appointed as a Committee on Credentials, R. W. Bros. Williams of Bangor, Ellsworth of Bath, and Tufts of Saco.

Which committee subsequently reported the following lodges to be duly represented, as follows :

1 Portland, at Portland, by Henry C. Lovell, SW; R. W. Kennard, JW; Samuel R. Leavitt, Proxy.

2 Warren, at Machias, by W. F. Hovey, Proxy.

5 Kennebec, at Hallowell, by Prancis J. Day, M.

6 Amity, at Camden, by John Glover, M.

7 Eastern, at Eastport, by Lebbeus Bailey, Proxy.

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8 United, at Brunswick, by Samuel S. Wing, M; Joseph Hutchinson, Proxy; 0. A. Merrill, Proxy.

9 Saco, at Saco, by T. Libby, SW.

10 Rising Virtue, at Bangor, by T. H. Morse, M; J. Williams, Proxy.

12 Cumberland, at New Gloucester, by Charles Megquier, M; W. Hatch, SW; D. W. True, JW. 14 Solar, at Bath, by J. Ellsworth, M; S. J. Tallman,  SW.

16 St George, at Warren, by John Andrews, SW.

17 Ancient Land-Mark, at Portland, by John B. Coyle, M; Benjamin C.

Fernald, SW; Charles P. Safford, JW. 19 Felicity, at Bucksport, by Joshua Dunn, Proxy.

21 Oriental Star, at Livermore, by Robert Blackler, M; Joseph Covell, SW ; Joseph S. Sargent, Proxy.

22 York, at Kennebunk, by C. M. Swett, Proxy.

23 Freeport, at Freeport, by Samuel Thing, SW.

24 Phoenix, at Belfast, by Timothy Chase, Proxy.

27 Adoniram, at Limington, by Arthur McArthur, M.

28 Northern Star, at Anson, by Benjamin Steward, Proxy.

29 Tranquil, at Danville, by George W. Chase, M; Josiah Little, SW. 81 Union, at Union, by L. Andrew, M.

32 Hermon, at Gardiner, by Stephen Webber, SW; F. P. Theobald, Proxy.

33 Waterville, at Waterville, by J. M. Crooker, SW.

34 Somerset, at Skowhegan, by E. Weston, SW; A. Wyman, Proxy.

35 Bethlehem, at Augusta, by W. T. Johnson, Proxy.

40 Lygonia, at Ellsworth, by William Somerby, M; D. P. Lake, JW;; G.W. Newbegin, Proxy.

46 St Croix, at Calais, by Sewall Waterhouse, Proxy.

60 Aurora, at East Thomaston, by D. M. Mitchell, M.

62 Mosaic, at Dover, by L. Chamberlain, SW; Amory Otis, Proxy; Paul Douglass, Proxy.

68 Unity, at Freedom, by Seth Webb, Proxy.

69 Mount Hope, at Hope, by Josiah Hobbs, M.

60 Star in the East, at Old Town, by Eli Hoskins, SW; Seth Paddleford, Proxy.

Report read and accepted.

The M. W. Grand Master then proceeded to fill up the standing committees, as follows, viz:

On Dispensations and Charters,
Bros. Bradford, Chase of Belfast and Covell.

On Doings of the Grand Officers
Bros. Dunlap, Small and Swett.

On Returns
Bros. Somerby, Boody and Webber.

On Grievances and Appeals,
Bros. Chase of Danville, Elliot and Leavitt,

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On motion of Bro. McArthur,

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to consider and report what business ought to be considered by this Grand Lodge, not connected with the duties of the standing committees aforesaid.

Whereupon the Grand Master appointed on said committee, Bros. McArthur, Bacon and Coyle.

A motion was then made that Bro. George Crawford, a member of Orient Lodge, be admitted to a seat as a representative of said lodge.

Which motion was thereupon referred to a committee of five, consisting of Bros. McArthur, Somerby, Chase of Danville, Lindley and Bailey.

Which committee subsequently reported,

" That without a strict compliance with the by-laws of the Grand Lodge, no brother can be admitted to represent any lodge under this jurisdiction as a proxy ; and that inasmuch as Brother Crawford was not elected as proxy of Orient Lodge, nor has he the commission required by our by-laws, he is not admissible to represent Orient Lodge as their proxy; but being a regular member of said lodge, we recommend that he be invited to attend the Grand Lodge as a visiting brother."

Report read and accepted.

On motion of Bro, Ellsworth,

Voted, That 3 o'clock this afternoon be assigned as the time for the election of the Grand Officers for the ensuing year.

The following communication, addressed to the M. W. Grand Master, was received from Eastern Lodge, No. 7, at Eastport, and referred to the Committee on Grievances and Appeals, viz :

Eastern Lodge, No. 7,
Eastport, Me., April 12, 1849.

Most Worshipful Sir and Brother:—The following is an abstract of correspondence between Eastern Lodge, at Eastport, and Hibernia Lodge, No. 318, at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, and resolves passed by Eastern Lodge, Dec. 18, 1848, that have been forwarded to the lodges in this vicinity:

Eastern Lodge, No. 7,
Eastport, Me., March 4, 1849.

Sir and Brother:—By direction of Eastern Lodge, I herewith transmit to you the following statement, with a copy of a letter received from Hibernia

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Lodge, at St. Andrews, N. B., and an abstract of resolves passed by Eastern Lodge, Dec. 18, 1848:


In August last, Mr. Alexander Boyd and James Molnoreux, citizens of Eastport, asked for initiation into Eastern Lodge; and on a ballot being taken, September 4, they were rejected. In the early part of November following, it was reported to the lodge that they had been initiated at Hibernia Lodge, at St. Andrews, N. B. On the receipt of that information, the Secretary of Eastern Lodge was directed to address a note to Hibernia Lodge and ask if the information received was correct, and also to state to that lodge that Mr. Boyd and Molnoreux had applied for initiation into Eastern Lodge and were rejected.


Hibernia Lodge, No. 318,
St. Andrews, N. B., Dec. 6, 1848.

Sir and Brother:—Your communication bearing date November 17, 1848, was received and read in this lodge. A doubt existed as to its being properly authenticated, owing to the fact that no seal of Eastern Lodge had been affixed to it. However, after some discussion, it was determined that it should be regarded as such and answered by this lodge. As to the information you have received, respecting the initiation of James Molnoreux and Alexander Boyd in this lodge, I am directed to state to you that it is correct, and that they have since been raised to the sublime degree of Master Masons. In reply to your inquiry, " by whom were they recommended ?" I am directed to inform you that they were recommended by respectable citizens of Eastport, whose recommendation would not admit of a doubt; and I understand that nothing appeared before the lodge against their character, consequently Hibernia Lodge could not, upon any just grounds, refuse them admission.

I am also directed to remark to you in this letter that yours of November 17th contained nothing against their reputation, but only the simple fact that they had been rejected, without showing any cause that would justify such a proceeding on the part of Eastern Lodge.

I remain fraternally yours,

J. E. CUMMINGS, Secretary.
R. W. Master of Eastern Lodge, Eastport.


Eastern Lodge, No. 7,
Eastport, December 18, 1848.

On the receipt of the foregoing letter, the following resolutions were offered and unanimously adopted: Resolved, That we can but regard the course of Hibernia Lodge, No. 318,

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St. Andrews, N. B., in conferring the honors of Masonry upon Alexander Boyd and James Molnoreux, residents of this place, after their having been rejected by this lodge, and without any recommendation from the lodge or from Masons, to be unmasonlike, and as calculated in a high degree to impair the character and standing of the institution itself.

Resolved, That in our opinion no man should be made a Mason out of the place of his residence (if a lodge there exists), without some good and substantial recommendation from Masons, or the evidence of some reliable and substantial reason for doing the same, more especially in a case like this, where the lodges are so nearly in the same vicinity.

Resolved, That a lodge is the proper judge of the qualifications of its own members; it has no right to reverse the judgment of another lodge passed upon the qualifications of its own citizens, whom they may at least be supposed best to know.

Resolved, That we regard this act of Hibernia Lodge as an attempt not only to subvert and control the action of this lodge, but as in direct opposition to the principles and usages of the Masonic institution.

Resolved, That under no circumstances can we fraternize with Masons so made, nor can we fellowship with a lodge which so forgets its duties and obligations, as we understand them, until the Grand Lodge shall have settled the principles involved in what we conceive to be an outrage upon this lodge.

Resolved, That a statement of the facts from record, the correspondence of this and Hibernia Lodge, be laid before the Grand Lodge for its action, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to all the lodges in this vicinity.

A true copy:

Attest, BENJAMIN SNOW, Secretary.
M. W. Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Maine.

The committee to whom were referred the foregoing statement, correspondence and resolutions, after duly considering the same, submitted the following report:

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

Your Committee on Grievances and Appeals, having taken into consideration the statement of facts, correspondence and resolutions presented by Eastern Lodge, No. 7, respectfully ask leave to report:

That your committee are unwillingly compelled to the belief that Hibernia Lodge, No. 318, of St. Andrews, N. B., (said lodge being under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ireland,) have violated the rights and jurisdiction of said Eastern Lodge, as recognized and established by the immutable and established principles, usages and landmarks of Masonry, in accepting, initiating, crafting and raising Mr. Alexander Boyd and Mr. James Molnoreux, citizens of Eastport, who had been previously regularly rejected by said Eastern Lodge, within whose jurisdiction they resided, without the consent

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of said Lodge, or the recommendation of its Master and Wardens, as required by the by-laws of this Grand Lodge in such case. Your committee can conceive no reason justifying Hibernia Lodge in the course it has pursued ; for admitting that in the present instance Eastern Lodge had improperly rejected worthy applicants, it would be a most dangerous precedent to recognize the right of a sister lodge, acting under a separate and independent jurisdiction, to interfere with and reverse the decisions of said lodge, as in fact the said Hibernia Lodge, in the case above alluded to, has done. And your committee cannot believe that Eastern Lodge is required, under such circumstances, to recognize as regular members of the fraternity, those who have knowingly violated one of the most important and necessary rules of Masonry to obtain its benefits.

Neither can your committee believe that the recommendation of citizens of Eastport, as set forth in the communication of Hibernia Lodge, is any palliation for the course they have pursued, because the said candidates were from their place of residence, and the previous action of Eastern Lodge rendered them disqualified, let their character and standing be good or bad; and that disqualification could only be removed in the regular manner pointed out in our by-laws. Your committee trust, however, that our brethren of Hibernia Lodge will, upon reflection, with that frankness and spirit of love and harmony which has heretofore been manifested, make all the reparation in their power, and exert themselves to restore those friendly relations which they have thus interrupted. And your committee further believe that the Grand Lodge of Ireland will exert itself to prevent improper encroachments upon the jurisdiction and privileges of sister lodges.

Your committee, therefore, recommend that this Grand Lodge approve of the acts and resolutions of Eastern Lodge in the premises; and that a copy of the same, with the statement of facts and the action of this Grand Lodge in relation thereto, be transmitted by the Grand Secretary to the Grand Lodge of Ireland, Hibernia Lodge, No. 318, at St. Andrews, N. B., and Eastern Lodge, No. 7, at Eastport.

All of which is respectfully submitted,


Which report was read and accepted; and thereupon the following resolution was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the Grand Secretary be directed to transmit to the Grand Lodge of Ireland, to Hibernia Lodge, No. 318, at St. Andrews, N. B., and to Eastern Lodge, at Eastport, certified copies of the statement of facts, correspondence and regulations of Eastern Lodge, No. 7, at Eastport, together with the doings of this Grand Lodge in relation thereto.

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A petition was received from Oriental Star Lodge, asking permission to change their seal.

Referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

A communication from Bros. Hugh Curtis and others, relative to the establishment of a lodge at Richmond, was received and read; and, with their petition upon the same subject, from the files of last year, was referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

A petition from Joseph Clark and others for a new lodge at Waldoboro', was received, and referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

The Grand Lodge was then called off until two o'clock p. m.

May 3, 2 o'clock p.m.

The Grand Lodge was called to labor,

A petition was received from Central Lodge, at China, asking for a renewal of their charter.

Referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

A petition was received from Bros. A. Getchel and others, asking for a renewal of the charter of Vassalboro' Lodge.

Referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

A petition was received from Star in the East Lodge, asking aid for a blind brother. Referred to the Trustees of the Charity Fund, to be disposed of at their discretion.

The M. W. Grand Master then delivered to the Grand Lodge the following address, which was referred to the Committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers:


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