Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1850, VOL. II. 1848-1854.


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The Annual Communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine, was holden at Masons' Hall, in Portland, on Thursday, the second day of May, A. I). 1850, and was called to order at ten o'clock a. m. by R. W. John C. Humphreys, D. G. Master.


R. W. JOHN C. HUMPHREYS, Grand Master, p. t;


R. W.  JOHN W. LINDLEY, J. G. Warden, p. t.;

R. W.  HENRY H. BOODY, Grand Treasurer;

R. W.  CHARLES B. SMITH, Rec. Grand Secretary;

R. W.  ALLEN HAINES, Cor. Grand Secretary;

W. & Rev. CYRUS CUMMINGS, Grand Chaplain ;

W. JONATHAN SMITH, Grand Marshal;

W.  E. G. RAWSON, S. G. Deacon, p. t. ;

W.  JOHN G. RICHARD80N, J. G. Deacon, p. t.;

W.  JOHN PURINTON, Grand Steward ;

W.  GEORGE SMALL, Grand Steward ;

W.  WILLIAM SOMERBY, Grand Steward ;

W.  JOHN GLOVER, G. Sword Bearer, p. t. ;

Bro. JOHN DAIN, Grand Tyler.






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M. W. ABNER B. THOMPSON, Past Grand Master.

M. W. REUEL WASHBURN, Past Grand Master.

The Grand Lodge was duly opened in the third degree, with prayer by Rev. Bro. Cummings, Grand Chaplain.

On motion,

Voted, That Master Masons in good standing, be invited to take seats as visitors during the session of the Grand Lodge.

R. W. Bros. Williams of Bangor, Bacon of Augusta, and Haines of Portland, were then appointed a Committee on Credentials ; who, having attended to the duty assigned them, reported that the following lodges were duly represented, as follows, viz:

1 Portland, at Portland, by William Kimball, M; Richard W. Kennard, SW; Thomas J. Sanborn, JW.

2 Warren, at East Machias, by F. A. Wilson, JW.

3 Lincoln, at Wiscasset, by Thomas B. Johnston, JW; Erastus Foote, Jr., Proxy.

5 Kennebec, at Hallowell, by Stephen Lord, SW.

6 Amity, at Camden, by William Merriam, M; Austin Sweetland, SW; John Glover, Proxy.

8 United, at Brunswick, by John D. Lincoln, M; T. S. McLellan, SW; 0. A. Merrill, JW.

9 Saco, at Saco, by Thurston Libby, SW.

10 Rising Virtue, at Bangor, by E. G. Rawson, JW; John Williams, Proxy. 12 Cumberland, at New Gloucester, by John Hatch, M ; Daniel W. True, SW.

14 Solar, at Bath, by S. J. Tallman, M; John G. Richardson, JW.

15 Orient, at Thomaston, by John O'Brien, SW.

16 St George, at Warren, by Samuel Hinkley, JW.

17 Ancient Land-Mark, at Portland, by John B. Coyle, M; Benjamin C. Fernald, SW; Amos E. Howell, JW.

19 Felicity, at Bucksport, by Foster Wood, Proxy.

20 Maine, at Farmington, by Joseph D. Prescott, Proxy.

21 Oriental Star, at Livermore, by Joseph Covell, M.

23 Freeport, at Freeport, by Robert R. Kendall, Proxy.

24 Phoenix, at Belfast, by H. G. O. Washburn, M; W. 0. Poor, Proxy.

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27 Adoniram, at Limington, by Arthur McArthur, Proxy.

28 Northern Star, at Anson, by Andrew McFadden, Proxy.

29 Tranquil, at Danville, by William White, SW.

30 Blazing Star, at Rumford, by Hezekiah Hutchins, Jr, Proxy.

31 Union, at Union, by Gilbert M. Blackington, M; George Littlehale, SW ; Philo Thurston, JW.

32 Hermon, at Gardiner, by Moses Springer, M.

33 Waterville, by Jere. Arnold, M.

34 Somerset, at Skowhegan, by Joseph Bigelow, JW; Eusebius Weston, Proxy.

36 Bethlehem, at Augusta, by Alvah Josselyn, Proxy.

37 Washington, at Lubec, by John C. Talbot, Jr., Proxy.

38 Harmony, at Gorham, by Josiah Pierce, M; Seward Merrill, SW; William Burton, JW.

39 Penobscot, at Dexter, by Otis Cutler, Proxy.

40 Lygonia, at Ellsworth, by William Somerby, M. 46 St. Croix, at Calais, by Sewall Waterhouse, Proxy. 45 Central, at China, by Edward Gray, SW.

48 Lafayette, at Readfield, by William C. Fuller, JW.

60 Aurora, at East Thomaston, by Samuel B. Dodge, Proxy.

52 Mosaic, at Dover, by Paul Douglass, Proxy.

68 Unity, at Freedom, by Daniel Weed, Proxy.

59 Mount Hope, at Hope, by Henry Hobbs, Proxy.

60 Star in the East, at Old Town, by Ezra C. Brett, Proxy.

61 King Solomon's, at Waldoboro', by John Balch, M; Fred. W. Nichols, Proxy.

62 King David's, at Lincolnville, by Robert Davis, M.

Report read and accepted.

On motion,

Voted, That the following Standing Committees be appointed by the Grand Master to consider and report upon such matters as may be referred to them during the present session, viz:

1. A Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

2. A Committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers.

3. A Committee on Returns of Subordinate Lodges.

4. A Committee on Grievances and Appeals.

And the Grand Master thereupon announced the appointment of said committees, as follows:

On Dispensations and Charters,—Bros. Springer of Gardiner, Chase of Belfast, and Haines of Portland.

On Doings of the Grand Officers,—Bros. O'Brien of Thomaston, Lincoln of Brunswick, and Johnston of Wiscasset.

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On Returns of Subordinate Lodges,—Bros. Somerby of Ellsworth, Boody of Portland, and Balch of Waldoboro'.

On Grievances and Appeals,—Bros. Chase of Danville, Dodge of East Thomaston, and Merriam of Camden.

A communication from the M. W. Grand Master was presented and read by the Grand Secretary.

Referred to the Committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers.

A communication from the Grand Lodge of Ireland, in relation to difficulties existing between Eastern Lodge, No. 7, at Eastport, and Hibernia Lodge, No. 318, at St. Andrews, N. B., was then presented and read by the Grand Secretary.

Referred to the Committee on Grievances and Appeals.

Bro. Covell then submitted a proposition to amend the Constitution of the Grand Lodge so as to provide that the annual communications thereof shall be holden at Augusta, or at some other place.

Laid upon the table.

A communication was received from Union Lodge, embracing the facts in relation to the expulsion of William S. Clark from said lodge.

Read and referred to the Committee on Grievances and Appeals,

The Grand Lodge then called off until half-past two o'clock p. m.

May 2, 1850.

The Grand Lodge called to labor at half-past two o'clock p. m. R. W. Bro. Bacon then submitted his annual report, as follows:


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