Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1850, VOL. II. 1848-1854.


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The Annual Communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine was holden at Masons' Hall in Portland, on the first Thursday in May, A. L. 5851, being the first day of said month, and opened in due form in the third degree, at 9-1/2 o'clock a. m. with prayer by Rev. Bro. Cummings, Grand Chaplain.


R. W. JOHN C. HUMPHREYS, Grand Master, p. t.;


R. W. TIMOTHY CHASE, J. G. Warden;

R. W. HENRY H. BOODY, Grand Treasurer ;

R. W. CHARLES B. SMITH, Rec. Grand Secretary;

R. W. ALLEN HAINES, Cor. Grand Secretary;

W. &. Rev. CYRUS CUMMINGS, Grand Chaplain ;

W. &. Rev. CYRIL PEARL, Grand Chaplain ;

W. JONATHAN SMITH, Grand Marshal ;

W. JOSEPH COVELL, G. S. Deacon, p. t;

W. WILLIAM ALLEN, G. J. Deacon, p. t;

W. JOHN PURINTON, Grand Steward;

W. GEORGE SMALL, Grand Steward;

W. THOMAS B. JOHNSTON, Grand Steward;

W. JOHN D. LINCOLN, Grand Steward;

W. HIRAM CHASE, Grand Pursuivant, p. t;

W. SEWALL WATERHOUSE,  Grand Pursuivant, p. t;

Bro. JOHN DAIN, Grand Tyler.

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district deputy grand masters.

First District—R. W. DANIEL WINSLOW.

Second District—R. W. REUEL WASHBURN.

Third District—R. W. EUSEBIUS WESTON.

Fourth District—R. W. SCOTT J. TALLMAN.

Fifth District—R. W. WILLIAM SOMERBY.

Eighth District—R. W. JOSHUA HERRICK.

Ninth District—R. W. H. G. O. WASHBURN.

past grand officers.

M. W. ROBERT P. DUNLAP, Past Grand Master.

M. W. ABNER B. THOMPSON, Past Grand Master.

On motion,

Voted, That Master Masons in good standing be invited to take seats as visitors during the present communication of the Grand Lodge.

On motion,

Voted, That the Grand Master appoint the following standing committees, to report, at this session, upon such matters as may be referred to them, viz:

  1. On Dispensations and Charters.
  2. On Doings of the Grand Officers.
  3. On Returns of Subordinate Lodges.
  4. On Grievances and Appeals.

The following Brethren were then appointed a Committee on Credentials, viz : Bros. Poor of Belfast, Herrick of Alfred, Russell of Portland.

Who, after attending to the duty assigned them, reported the following lodges represented as follows, viz :

1 Portland, at Portland, by Richard W. Kennard, M; Thomas J. Sanborn, SW ; John Russell, Jr., JW. 3 Lincoln, at Wiscasset, by Thomas B. Johnston, SW; Erastus Foote, Jr., JW.

5 Kennebec, at Hallowell, by Leverett Lord, SW; William Nye, Proxy.

6 Amity, at Camden, by Benjamin Crabtree, Proxy.

8 United, at Brunswick, by John D. Lincoln, M; O. A. Merrill, JW; S. S. Wing, Proxy.

10 Rising Virtue, at Bangor, by Jonathan Burbank, M.

12 Cumberland, at New Gloucester, by John Hatch, M.

13 Oriental, at Bridgton, by A. M. Savage, Proxy.

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14 Solar, at Bath, by B. F. Currier, Proxy ; Percival Clementine, Proxy. 16 Orient, at Thomaston, by S. B. Dockham, Proxy.

16 St. George, at Warren, by John Miller, Proxy.

17 Ancient Land-Mark, at Portland, by William Allen, M; Joseph Smith, SW; Amos E. Howell, JW.

19 Felicity, at Bucksport, by S. Carter, M ; George W. Newbegin, Proxy.

20 Maine, at Farmington, by Edwin Ellis, SW.

21 Oriental Star, at Livermore, by Joseph Covell, M; D. G. Plummer, Proxy.

22 York, at Kennebunk, by Isaac Downing, SW.

23 Freeport, at Freeport, by Samuel Thing, SW; Asa Bailey, Proxy; E. H. Means, Proxy.

24 Phoenix, at Belfast, by Hiram Chase, M; W. 0. Poor, JW.

27 Adoniram, at Limington, by J. Herman, JW ; A. McArthur, Proxy.

28 Northern Star, at Anson, by John Pierce, M.

29 Tranquil, at Danville, by S. H. Wilson, JW.

30 Blazing Star, at Rumford, by B. W. Tingley, M; Edward A. Boyd, Proxy.

31 Union, at Union, by Ebenezer Cobb, SW; Edward Alden, JW.

32 Hermon, at Gardiner, by Stephen Webber, M; James McCurdy, SW; Daniel Hildreth, Proxy.

33 Waterville, at Waterville, by W. Chapman, M ; D. Burbank, JW.

34 Somerset, at Skowhegan, by Joseph Philbrick, M; A. Wyman, JW ; W. B. Morrill, Proxy.

35 Bethlehem, at Augusta, by Orin Rowe, Proxy.

36 Casco, at Yarmouth, by O. A. Hill, M.

37 Washington, at Lubec, by J. C. Talbot, Jr., M.

38 Harmony, at Gorham, by William Burton, M; William Cilley, SW; Merrill Thomas, JW,

39 Penobscot, at Dexter, by Josiah Crosby, Proxy.

40 Lygonia, at Ellsworth, by N. Moore, M; S. P. Thomas, SW; Daniel P. Lake, Proxy.

42 Freedom, at Limerick, by Gilman Lougee, M; William Gage, SW; William Cobb, JW.

43 Alna, at Damariscotta, by Ezra B. French, M ; Peasley M. Wells, SW.

46 St. Croix, at Calais, by Sewall Waterhouse, Proxy.

48 Lafayette, at Readfield, by George S. Currier, Proxy; David Smith, Proxy.

49 Meridian Splendor, at Newport, by G. Flint, M; Thomas Croswell, Proxy; Lewis Barker, Proxy.

50 Aurora, at Rockland, by Charles Clark, Proxy; Constant Rankin, Proxy

52 Mosaic, at Dover, by Daniel Higgins, Proxy.

58 Unity, at Freedom, by Samuel Sears, SW.

59 Mount Hope, at Hope, by William Philbrook, SW,


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60 Star in the East, at Old Town, by Solomon Moulton, Proxy.

61 King Solomon's, at Waldoboro', by John Balch, M; R. Rich, Proxy.

62 King David's, at Lincolnville, by A. D. Knight, SW; David Howe, Proxy.

63 Richmond, at Richmond, by J. C. Boynton, M; Abial Libby, SW; G. H. Hatch, JW.

Report read and accepted.

M. W. Bro. Dunlap laid upon the table a beautiful copy of the Masonic Chart, elegantly bound and lettered, as a present to the Grand Lodge from K. W. Bro. Jeremy L. Cross, the author; whereupon,

On motion,

Voted, That the thanks of the Grand Lodge of Maine be, and are hereby tendered to Bro. Cross for the esteemed and valuable present.

The Grand Lodge then called off until two o'clock p. m.

May 1, 1851.

The Grand Lodge was called to labor at two o'clock p. m.

The Grand Master announced the following appointments of standing committees, viz :

On Dispensations and Charters,—Bros. Kennard of Portland, Carter of Bucksport, French of Damariscotta.

On Doings of the Grand Officers,—Bros. H. Chase of Belfast, Tallman of Bath, Foote of Wiscasset.

On Returns of Subordinate Lodges,—Bros. Balch of Waldoboro, Thomas of Ellsworth, Webber of Gardiner.

On Grievances and Appeals,—Bros. Tallman of Bath, Somerby of Ellsworth, Thing of Freeport.

On the Pay Roll,—Bros. Burbank of Bangor, Boody of Portland, Covell of Livermore.

The following communication from the M. W. Grand Master was then presented, and read by the Grand Secretary :

R. W. Brethren:

I have been anticipating the pleasure of meeting you upon this occasion, but find myself doomed to disappointment by circumstances beyond my

Page 155

control, the nature of which I have explained to our Grand Secretary, and which I trust will appear reasonable to you.

Allow me to congratulate you upon the return of our annual communication and the continued prosperity of our institution.

It is now two years since I assumed the duties of Master of this Grand Lodge, during which period you have kindly honored me with a renewed token of your partiality and friendship. These expressions of your confidence, my brethren, have penetrated me with a lively sense of gratitude, and I have only to regret that it has not been in my power to do more to increase and perpetuate the usefulness of our order.

I was not, however, unaware of the embarrassing circumstances in which I was placed in being called to occupy a chair which my distinguished predecessors had filled with so much more masonic skill and parliamentary science than I could possibly hope to do. And if I have seemed to do anything to realize your wishes and advance the prosperity of Masonry, much credit is due to the timely suggestions and kind co-operations of experienced and better informed brethren than myself.

This Grand Lodge, having been invited by a circular from the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, to meet the Grand Lodges of the several states in the city of Washington, for the purpose of forming a General Grand Lodge for the United States, you will recollect that I had the honor of being elected your delegate, and accordingly repaired to Washington at the appointed time; but I regret to inform you that no formal meeting took place, and but very few delegates were present; the cause of this failure I am unable to explain, unless it may be attributed to a general reluctance on the part of most of the states to form such an organized body.

The following dispensations have been granted since our last annual meeting, viz: On the 29th of May, 1850, a dispensation issued to our Past Grand Master, Alexander H. Putney and six others, for a new lodge in Cal-avero County, Upper California, to be called Ophir Lodge. This dispensation, however, could not be used, a Grand Lodge having been formed in that state before the dispensation arrived there. July 12, 1850, dispensation was granted to a competent number of brethren, to form a lodge at Phillips, in the county of Franklin. October 10, 1850, dispensation authorizing Freedom Lodge at Parsonsfield, York County, to remove and hold their meetings at Limerick in said county. October 22, 1850, dispensation to Lewis Barker and others, to form a new lodge at Stetson, County of Penobscot, to be called Pacific Lodge. December 21, 1850, on petition of the members of Alna Lodge, at Alna, whose charter had been surrendered, the same was restored to them, and a dispensation granted to remove said lodge to the town of Damariscotta. March 11, 1851, dispensation issued to John J. Bell and others, for a new lodge at Hampden, Penobscot County, to be called Mystic Lodge. March 3, 1851, dispensation issued to Henry H. Brackett and others for a new lodge at Orono, Penobscot County, to be called Mechanics' Lodge,

Page 156

all of which are made returnable at this session of the Grand Lodge, and subject to your approval. From the foregoing evidence of a desire on the part of our brethren to rally under their old charters, and also to obtain new ones, we derive the gratifying assurances of prosperity throughout our state, which I doubt not will be fully corroborated by the reports of the several District Deputy Grand Masters.

Indeed, perhaps there never was a time when our fraternity throughout the world was in a more prosperous condition than at present. Let us then, brethren, endeavor to illustrate the principles by which we profess to be governed, and act consistent with our profession; let us be watchful and jealous for the good reputation of our honorable order, and see that we do nothing derogatory to our masonic character, or that shall tend in the least to impair the usefulness of our institution, whose paramount aim and object is to elevate man by improving his moral and social qualities, and thus, the better to fit him for the faithful discharge of all the duties of this life, and finally to enjoy the glorious rewards of a life eternal.

I have appointed no Grand Lecturers for the past year, as it was thought best to wait the action of the Grand Lodge, upon the report of the committee raised at the last annual meeting, for the purpose of exemplifying at this meeting, the work and lectures sanctioned by the Ancient York Rite.

And I could wish that some other brother, more proficient than myself, had been selected in my stead, to serve you upon that committee, a majority of whom, I trust, will be present to discharge the duties assigned to them.

Whatever communications from abroad may have been received, since our last annual meeting, will be submitted to you, through the appropriate committee, and I doubt not will receive that respectful consideration which the importance of such subjects demand.

And now, my respected brethren, having reported to you my official doings for the last year, were there no more cogent reasons than my own personal convictions, that I have already too long occupied a chair, which properly belongs to some more experienced brother, this of itself would be sufficient for me to wish that the term of my Grand Mastership might here expire. But I am more forcibly reminded of this result, when I recollect that by the By-Laws of our Grand Lodge, the tenure of my office is limited ordinarily to two years. My official duties, therefore, being about to terminate, and you soon again to separate, some probably for the last time, permit me in this my closing address, to tender to each of my masonic brethren, my sincere assurances of continued regard and esteem, thanking you for your uniform forbearance and fraternal courtesy, manifested towards me and my many imperfections.

Long, brethren, may you continue in the enjoyment of the good results of your labors.

Long may our institution be benefited by your zealous and worthy example, and when you cease to be members here below, may you become mem-

Page 157

bers of that celestial lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.

I now cheerfully transfer the authority you have vested in me, where your votes shall direct, very respectfully myself declining to be considered a candidate for any office in the Grand Lodge.

Yours truly and fraternally,


Referred to the Committee on the Doings of the Grand Officers.

The petition of Bro. E. B. French and another for the permanent location of Alna Lodge at Damariscotta was presented, and referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

Voted, That the original petition of Alna Lodge for removal to Damariscotta, with the accompanying papers, be taken from the files and referred to the same committee.

On motion,

Voted, That the petition of Freedom Lodge for its removal from Parsonsfield to Limerick, with accompanying papers, be taken from the files and referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

The petition of Pacific Lodge, U. D., for a charter, with their records, by-laws, &c, was presented and referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

The petition of Mechanics' Lodge, U. D., asking for a charter, accompanied by their records, by-laws &c, was presented and referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

The petition of Mystic Lodge, U. D., asking for a charter, was presented and, with their records, by-laws &c, referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters.

The following report was then submitted, viz :

Masons' Hall, Portland, May 1, 1851.

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

The undersigned, a committee appointed by this Grand Lodge at its last annual communication to expend the sum of twenty dollars appropriated to the purchase of standard works on the history and progress of Ancient Masonry, for the Grand Lodge library, submits the following report:

That pursuant to the resolution of this Grand Lodge, he has purchased the " Historical Land-Marks " of Freemasonry in two volumes, by the Rev.

Page 158

G. Oliver, D.D., American edition by Bro. C. Moore, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and has expended in the purchase and transportation of said books, the sum of six dollars and thirty-five cents.

The undersigned was desirous of purchasing the Masonic Magazine, edited by R. W. Charles W. Moore, Boston, Mass., but learning that a complete copy of that work would greatly exceed the amount of the appropriation, he did not feel authorized to make the purchase. An entire set of ten volumes, half bound, can be had for fifty dollars; I deem it of high importance that a complete and entire set of the Magazine be secured for the library of the Grand Lodge, without delay.

I deem the work precisely such as was contemplated by the resolution of this Grand Lodge, passed in May last, and recommend that an appropriation be made for its purchase.

All which is respectfully submitted,


Report read and accepted.

report of d. d. g. master of seventh district.

May 1, 1851.

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

By virtue of the office which the undersigned holds of D. D. G. M. of the seventh masonic district, he respectfully asks leave to submit his report:

There is a cheering interest felt in the success of our ancient fraternity, in the fraternal ties of brotherhood which it promises, and in the good which it is believed it may accomplish. In the bright day of the prosperity of our order it becomes every member of our lodges not only to observe with great strictness every attention to the forms of the work, but also to secure the essence of which these outward forms are the representatives. Brethren we are by compact, organization and pledge, and true brothers we should be in kindliness of feeling, in affectionate regards and in mutual usefulness. Each successive step in Masonry should be made an occasion for a higher moral step in our inward life. In this way shall we prove to the world and give assurance to ourselves of the social and moral benefits of Masonry.

Of the lodges in this district, I have to report that all but one of them are in active operation. I have visited all of them once, and some of them twice during the past year. They are generally in a prosperous condition.

Rising Virtue' Lodge, at Bangor, is the oldest in the district, and feels a deep solicitude for the honor and welfare of her younger sisters, and has ever been ready to answer any calls upon her for aid or counsel.

Star in the East Lodge, at Old Town, was a colony from Rising Virtue Lodge, and it is evident that she fully equals the mother lodge in the masonic art. Her W. Master appropriately says of this lodge that "it loves to work" This is apparent from the fact that the explanations are given much more at

Page 159

length than is usual in other lodges. There are slight differences in the work here, but not deemed material.

Penobscot Lodge, at Dexter, has been unfortunate the past year in the destruction of their hall by fire; and with it their jewels, furniture, regalia, &c. Yet they are not discouraged, and exhibit a commendable zeal in the good cause.

Meridian Splendor Lodge, at Newport, has been doing considerable business the past year.

Mosaic Lodge, at Dover, is in a healthy condition. I visited them in February last, when our Rev. Bro. David Higgins, of that place, delivered a very able and appropriate address on the occasion; after which the officers elect were duly installed. These services and ceremonies were public, and listened to by a large and intelligent audience, such an audience as we should expect to meet in that beautiful and flourishing village.

There are also three new lodges or bodies of Masons within the limits of this district, acting under a dispensation from the M. W. Grand Master, viz: Pacific Lodge at Stetson, Mechanics' Lodge at Orono, and Mystic Lodge at Hampden. And it has afforded me the highest satisfaction to visit these new lodges. It appears to be their great aim to learn their duty correctly, that they may perform it acceptably; and I hazard nothing in saying that the work and lectures of some of these lodges will, even now, and each of them will within six months (if chartered) compare favorably with the best lodges in the state.

I would recommend to the Grand Lodge to demand of Piscataquis Lodge, at Sebec, the surrender of their charter, their members being reduced to a less number than seven, and no probability of any accessions. All which is respectfully submitted,

TIMOTHY H. MORSE, D. D. G. M. Seventh District.

Read and referred to the Committee on Doings of the Grand Officers.

report of d. d. g. master of first district.

Portland, May 1, 1851.

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine :

Having attended to the duties of D. D. G. Master for the past year, I most respectfully report, that I have visited several of the lodges in the first district, and it gives me great satisfaction to state, that our lodges as a general thing are in a flourishing condition. I have received returns from all the lodges in this district, except one, viz: the Freeport Lodge, which, however, is promised to be made on the return of the Secretary, who is now absent. All the lodges have paid their dues except the Freeport Lodge, (which has made no return) and the Harmony Lodge of Gorham, which requests the in-

Page 160

diligence of a short time, to enable the Treasurer to collect the dues of the lodge.

By the returns of six lodges, I find three hundred and sixteen members, and that fifty-three have been initiated, fifty-two crafted, forty-eight raised, and six deceased, during the last year.

I have only further to remark, that there are many discrepancies in the phraseology of the work and lectures, among the lodges which I have visited, calling loudly for some act of the Grand Lodge, whereby this difficulty may be avoided.

Very respectfully,

DANIEL WINSLOW, D. D. G. M. First District

Read and referred to the Committee on Doings of the Grand Officers.


To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

The undersigned would respectfully beg leave to report.

That there are four lodges in the sixth masonic district, viz: Warren Lodge, No. 2, at East Machias; Eastern Lodge, No. 7, at Eastport; Washington Lodge, No. 37, at Lubec; St. Croix Lodge, No. 46, at Calais. All of which I have visited during the past masonic year, (except Washington Lodge, which circumstances beyond my control prevented,) and find them all in a flourishing condition.

Warren Lodge, chartered a. d. 1778.—Officers elected annually on the 27th of December. Number of members twenty-one, fees $2.62-1/2. Candidates initiated three; fees $6; amounting in the whole to $8.62-1/2.

Eastern Lodge, chartered a. d. 1801.—Officers elected annually on the 27th of December. Number of members thirty-four; fees, $4.25; candidates initiated four; fees $8.00; amounting in the whole to $12.25. There was also received from this lodge, fees for members and initiations $16.00 for the year a. d. 1850; whole amount received from this lodge, $28.25.

St. Croix Lodge, chartered a. d. 1846.—Officers elected annually December 27; members a. d. 1849, 52; fees $6.50; candidates initiated, two; fees $4; amounting in the whole for this year to $10.50. Members a. d. 1850, 37; fees, $4.62; candidates initiated thirteen; fees, $26.00; amounting in the whole for this year to $30.62. Members a. d. 1851, 44; fees $5.50; candidates initiated sixteen; fees $32.00; amounting in the whole for this year to $37.50. Whole amount received from this lodge $78.62.

Washington Lodge, chartered a. d. 1822.—Officers elected annually on the first Wednesday of September; members a. d. 1850, 35; fees $4.37; candidates initiated, six; fees, $12.00; amounting in the whole for this year to $16.37; (no return from this lodge the present year).

Page 161

Making the whole amount received from the several lodges within this district at sundry times since I have been in office, one hundred and thirty-one dollars and eighty-six cents,—all which has been forwarded at the times received, by mail, to the Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the State of Maine.

I have distributed to the several lodges the several documents put into my bands by the Grand Secretary for that purpose; and would say that all the lodges in the district are in want of diplomas and blanks of all kinds. Parchment diplomas are most called for.

I have installed the officers of Warren Lodge, and have, on application of said lodge, granted three dispensations for conferring degrees.

The lodges in this district hold their regular communications monthly; some, however, suspend them during the warm season, and most of them hold them weekly during the winter season when there is work to be done.

I have the satisfaction to be able to say that harmony prevails amongst the members of the several lodges in this district, with a good degree of attention to the ancient landmarks, and a disposition to promote morality, temperance and prudence; that their light is not under a bed or a bushel, bat is in a candlestick and giveth light to all around, so that those who are without can see its good effects, and are compelled to speak well of the institution. And it gives me pleasure to say that the institution stands well, and is gaining in the opinions of all good men ; and so may it continue to prosper until every member of the human family shall come under its influence, and thereby be induced to love his neighbor as himself, and do by others as he would wish to have them do unto him, and so fulfill the great and good command of our Saviour.

All which is respectfully submitted,

May 1, 1851.
 J. C. TALBOT, D. D. G. M. Sixth District

Read and referred to the Committee on Doings of the Grand Officers.


To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

There are in the eighth masonic district four lodges at work, viz:

Saco Lodge, at Saco, having thirty-two members.

York Lodge, at Kennebunk, with twenty-four members.

Adoniram Lodge, at Limington, with forty-five members.

Freedom Lodge, at Limerick, by dispensation from the Grand Master, with eighteen members; all of which I have visited during the past year, and have been pleased to find them all in good working order, and their records well kept and generally the brethren are united.

There is a general complaint in relation to the blanks received from the Grand Lodge, as to quality and quantity.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

J. HERRICK, D. D. G. M. Eighth District


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