Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1850, VOL. II. 1848-1854.


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The Annual Communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine was holden at Masons' Hall, in the city of Portland, on the first Tuesday in May, 1853, being the fifth day of said month, and was opened in ample form, in the third degree, at nine o'clock a. m., with prayer by the Grand Chaplain.


M. W. JOHN C. HUMPHREYS, Grand Master;

R. W. FREEMAN BRADFORD, Deputy Grand Master;

R. W. TIMOTHY CHASE, Senior Grand Warden ;

R. W. WILLIAM SOMERBY, Junior Grand Warden ;

R. W. Grand Treasurer;

R. W. CHARLES B. SMITH, Rec. Grand Secretary;

W. & Rev. CYRUS CUMMINGS, Grand Chaplain;


W. JONATHAN SMITH, Grand Marshal;

W. E. G. RAWSON, Grand Senior Deacon;

W. JOSEPH COVELL, Grand Junior Deacon;

W. JOHN J. BELL, Grand Steward;

W. S. B. DOCKHAM, Grand Sword Bearer;

W. O. A. MERRILL, Grand Pursuivant ;

Bro. JOHN DAIN, Grand Tyler.

permanent members.

M. W. Robert P. Dunlap, Abner B. Thompson and Joseph C. Stevens, Past Grand Masters. R. W. Stephen Webber, Past Junior Grand Warden.

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On motion,

Voted, That Master Masons in good standing be invited to take seats as visitors daring the session.

On motion of R. W. Bro. Bradford,

Voted, That a Committee on Credentials be appointed, to report from time to time daring the session.

And, thereupon, Bros. True of Bangor, Willard of Farmington and Johnston of Wiscasset, were appointed by the Grand Master to constitute said committee.

This committee, after attending to the duty assigned them, reported:

That the brethren hereinafter named were severally entitled to seats as representatives of the following lodges, viz:

1 Portland, at Portland, by William Kimball, WM; John Russell, Jr., SW; Joseph Fowler, JW. 3 Lincoln, at Wiscasset, by F. O. Soule, Proxy.

5 Kennebec, at Hallowell, by Daniel Russell, SW.

6 Amity, at Camden, by Samuel Chase, SW ; E. G. Knight, JW.

8 United, at Brunswick, by Ebenezer Swett, Proxy.

9 Saco, at Saco, by Thurston Libby, SW; Thomas P. Tufts, Proxy.

10 Rising Virtue, at Bangor, by Jabez True, WM; E. G. Rawson, SW; John Williams, Proxy.

12 Cumberland, at New Gloucester, by Charles Megquier, WM; John Hatch, SW.

13 Oriental, at Bridgton, by K. M. Byram, Proxy.

14 Solar, at Bath, by A. J. Fuller, WM; George Ross, Proxy. 16 Orient, at Thomaston, by C. H. Smith, JW.

16 St. George, at Warren, by John Miller, Proxy; Stephen B. Dockham, SW; Robert Davis, Proxy.

17 Ancient Land-Mark, at Portland, by William Allen, WM.; Joseph Smith, SW; Stevens Smith, JW.

19 Felicity, at Bucksport, by Samuel Carter, Proxy.

20 Maine, at Farmington, by John II. Willard, WM.

21 Oriental Star, at Livermore, by Joseph Covell, WM; Aaron Coolidge, JW; D. G. Plummer, Proxy.

22 York, at Kennebunk, by Amos Lunt, SW; Isaac Downing, Proxy.

23 Freeport, at Freeport, by Samuel Thing, SW; William A. Mitchell, JW; R. R. Kendall, Proxy. 34 Phoenix, at Belfast, by Joseph T. Noyes, SW.

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27 Adoniram, at Limington, by John B. Sweat, WM; Harding Libby, JW; Arthur McArthur, Proxy.

28 Northern Star, at Anson, by O. R. Batcheller, JW.

29 Tranquil, at Danville, by George A. Gordon, WM; Dan Reed, SW ; Augustus Callahan, Proxy.

30 Blazing Star, at Rumford, by E. A. Boyd, Proxy.

31 Union, at Union, by Ebenezer Cobb, SW.

32 Hermon, at Gardiner, by E. A. Chadwick, WM; James McCurdy, SW.

33 Waterville, at Waterville, by John Ranstead, SW; Wadsworth  Chapman, Proxy.

34 Somerset, at Skowhegan, by Abraham Wyman, SW; Benjamin P. Pearson, JW; Eusebius Weston, Proxy.

35 Bethlehem, at Augusta, by Moses E. Hamlin, WM.

36 Casco, at Yarmouth, by Gad Hitchcock, WM; Benjamin Oakes, SW; A. P. C. Winslow, Proxy.

38 Harmony, at Gorham, by William Silla, WM; Merrill Thomas, SW; Thomas J. Hasty, JW.

40 Lygonia, at Ellsworth, by S. B. Thomas, SW.

42 Freedom, at Limerick, by William Gage, SW.

45 Central, at China, by Edward Gray, WM.

46 St. Croix, at Calais, by Sewall Waterhouse, Proxy.

48 Lafayette, at Readfield, by G. S. Currier, SW.

49 Meridian Splendor, at Newport, by Grenville Flint, Proxy.

50 Aurora, at Rockland, by Josiah Getchell, SW,

52 Mosaic, at Dover, by E. B. Averill, Proxy.

53 Alna, at Damariscotta, by Ezra B. French, WM; Everett A. Stetson, JW.

54 Vassalborough, at Vassalborough, by Philip M. Stubbs, WM.

58 Unity, at Freedom, by S. B. Dodge, WM.

59 Mount Hope, at Hope, by John Lermond, JW.

60 Star in the East, at Old Town, by Ira Wallace, WM.

61 King Solomon's, at Waldoboro', by M. M. Rawson, Proxy.

62 King Davids', at Lincolnville, by Minot Crehore, WM; David Howe, SW.

63 Richmond, at Richmond, by Daniel Witham, SW; R. W. Lawson, Proxy.

64 Pacific, at Stetson, by David Barker, Proxy.

65 Mystic, at Hampden, by Elias J. Dudley, WM; B. F. Mudgett, Proxy.

66 Mechanics', at Orono, by John Deane, Proxy.

Which report was read and accepted.

The M. W. Grand Master then appointed R. W. Moses Dodge, of Portland, Grand Treasurer, pro tem.

On motion,

Voted, That the Grand Secretary be a committee to receive from the ex-

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ecutrix of the estate of the late Grand Treasurer, Bro. Henry H. Boody, the books of accounts of the Grand Lodge, together with all the Grand Lodge papers, files, notes, certificates of stocks, and other property of the Grand Lodge, in her hands.

The following D. D. Grand Masters were present and made their annual reports, viz:

First District—R. W. Samuel S. Wing.

Second District—R. W. Cornelius Holland.

Third District—R. W. Stephen Webber.

Fourth District—R. W. Thomas B. Johnston.

Seventh District—R. W. Lewis Barker.

Eighth District—R. W. Joshua Herrick.

Ninth District—R. W. Benjamin Kelley.

Which reports were severally referred to the Committee on Doings of the Grand Officers.

The M. W. Grand Master then announced the appointment of the following standing committees, viz :

On Dispensations and Charters.—Bros. McArthur of Limington, Barker of Exeter, Lawson of Richmond.

On Doings of the Grand Officers.—Bros. Noyes of Belfast, Joseph Smith of Portland, Witham of Richmond.

On Returns.—Bros. French of Damariscotta, Thomas of Ellsworth, Batch-eller of Anson.

On Grievances and Appeals.—Bros. Mudgett of Bangor, Dockham of Warren, Weston of Skowhegan.

On the Pay Roll.—Bros. Bell of Carmel, Dodge of Portland, Russell of Hallowell.

The M. W. Grand Master then delivered his annual address, as follows:


Our Grand Master in heaven has permitted us once more to meet in Grand Lodge on earth, to congratulate each other on the happy and prosperous condition of our ancient and honorable institution throughout the length and breadth of our land, and for an opportunity to thank Him as the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, for the many favors we have received at His hands during the past year; also, to pray for a continuance of that protection during the year that is before us, and in carrying forward the great aims we have in view.

But, my brethren, amid so many and such varied blessings, William King,

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our first Grand Master, has been cut down like a shock of corn fully ripe, and gathered to his fathers. Though in life he had occupied the first station in the councils of our state, yet the highest honor we can pay to his memory is, that on earth he was a just and upright man and mason.

Another worthy brother has fallen, and one who was more intimately known to us as an efficient member and an invaluable officer. As he was faithful over the treasury of our earthly Grand Lodge we doubt not he will receive the reward in heaven of " well done, good and faithful servant."

The able reports which we have usually had from our Committee on Foreign Correspondence, and the report we may expect the present year, supersede the necessity of any allusion by me to the various communications which have been received from sister Grand Lodges the past year. I doubt Dot our committee have given them all that consideration and attention which their importance and interest demand, and that we shall have the benefit of a knowledge of the standing and prosperity of our time-honored institution throughout our country.

The following dispensations have been granted since the last annual communication, viz:

June 10, 1852, to Stephen C. Watson and others, for a new lodge at Stand-ish, to be called the " Steep Falls Lodge."

October 18, 1852, to J. H. Sawyer and others, for a new lodge at Orland, to be called "Orland Lodge."

October 26, 1852, to Joseph Pollard and others, for a new lodge at Plantation No. 11, to be called " Pioneer Lodge."

January 21, 1853, to George Moore and others, for a new lodge at Minot, to be called " Fraternal Lodge."

February 10, 1853, to William Redington and others, for a resuscitation of "Vassalborough Lodge."

March 1, 1853, to Peaslee M. Wells and others, for a new lodge at Bristol, to be called " Bristol Lodge."

All are returnable to this communication of the Grand Lodge, and subject to its action thereon.

All applications for dispensations for new lodges the past year have been granted. The localities, so far as could be judged, and the respectability of the applicants, have all commended themselves to a favorable consideration. I have, however, had great doubts of the propriety of increasing the number of lodges to the extent which seems to be anticipated by the present prosperity of Masonry. What may now be considered prosperity may prove hereafter to be adversity. I doubt not the same thing has suggested itself to many now present, whether we are not creating too many lodges, and that, in the end, some may prove to be the nurseries of individuals who ought not to be admitted to the institution. This may be matter for your consideration.

The several masonic districts within the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge

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are supplied with able and talented brethren, who, I bare no doubt, have attended to the important duties of their districts and will be able to give us such reports of the present condition of Masonry and its progress in our state as will gladden the hearts of the members of the Grand Lodge.

At the last annual communication, I called the attention of this Grand Lodge to the all important subject of providing for the maintenance of a permanent charity fund in each of the subordinate lodges under this jurisdiction, and I would respectfully refer you to that communication on the thirty-fourth page of last year's printed proceedings. Subsequently, by a vote of the Grand Lodge at the same meeting, I was requested to present at the next annual communication a project for establishing such a fund. In compliance with that vote, I would now respectfully present for your consideration the following plan for the accumulation and maintenance of such a fund:

In every subordinate lodge under this jurisdiction there should be established a permanent charity fund, which should be formed and increased from time to time by adding thereto all moneys received from initiates, after deducting the dues to the Grand Lodge and four dollars from each initiate, to help defray the incidental expenses of the lodge.

The charity fund, as well as all other property of the subordinate lodges, should be under the direction, control and management of a board of trustees, chosen annually, and consisting of at least five members, of whom the first three officers shall be, ex-officio, a part of said Board. It should be their duty to devise means for securing the funds of the lodge, to draw all orders on the Treasurer, and audit all accounts, including those of Secretary and Treasurer, previous to every annual meeting. The Board of Trustees shall invest the charity fund as they shall consider most safe and profitable, and no part of the principal of said fund shall be expended for any purpose whatever. The interest only shall be appropriated for charitable purposes, such as " clothing the naked " and " feeding the hungry "; and at the expiration of each year, any balance of interest not dispensed to objects of charity, shall be added to the principal. The Treasurer of each subordinate lodge shall receive all moneys and other property of his lodge, and shall report to the Board of Trustees when be is in funds more than twenty dollars in money belonging to the lodge. He shall keep four distinct and separate accounts—one for noting all money as it is received, belonging to the Grand Lodge; one for noting all money set apart for the charity fund; one for keeping an account of that portion of the money intended to defray the ex-penses of the lodge and for all moneys received for quarterages, memberships, and any other income of the lodge; lastly, an account with the income of the charity fund, how and to whom it is dispensed. He shall settle his account with the Board of Trustees, when called upon, and shall give reasonable bonds for the faithful discharge of his duty. No money shall be drawn from the treasury, except by an order signed by a majority of the trustees.


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