Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1856, VOL. III. 1855-1858.


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The Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Maine, was holden at Masonic Hall, in the city of Portland, on the first Thursday in May, 1856, being the first day of said month, at 9 o'clock, A. M.


M. W. John Miller, Grand Master ;

R. W. Jabez True, Dep. Gr. Master;

R. W. Wm. P. Preble, Jr., as Sen. Gr. Warden ;

R. W. Dan'l K. Kennedy, as Jun. Gr. Warden ;

R. W. Moses Dodge, Gr. Treasurer;

R. W. Charles B. Smith, Rec. Gr. Secretary;

W. and Rev. Cyrus Cummings, Grand Chaplain

W. and Rev. Cyril Pearl, Grand Chaplain

W. S. B. Dockham. Gr. Marshal;

W. E. G. Rawson, Sen. Gr. Deacon ;

W. Hiram Chase, Jun. Gr. Deacon

W. Octavius A. Merrill, Gr. Steward;

Bro. John Dain,  Gr. Tyler.

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The Grand Lodge was opened in ample form, with prayer by Rev. Cyril Pearl, G. Chaplain.

The Grand Master appointed a Committee on Credentials, consisting of Bros. John J. Bell, of Carmel ; Octavius A. Merrill, of Brunswick; and Edward P. Burnham, of Saco;— who having attended to the examination of credentials, presented the following


IN GRAND LODGE OF MAINE, Masonic Hall, Portland, May 1, 1856.

The Committee on Credentials, having attended to the duties assigned them, ask leave to report, that they find the Lodges in this jurisdiction represented as follows :—

Portland Lodge, No. 1, by Henry C. Lovell, W. M.
  Joseph Fowler, S. W.
  N. L. Purinton, J. W.
Warren Lodge, No. 2, by F. L. Talbot, S. W.
Lincoln Lodge, No. 3, by Daniel K. Kennedy, W. M.
  George Wood, Proxy.
Kennebec Lodge, No. 5, by F. J. Day, W. M.
Amity Lodge, No. 6, by E. G. Knight, S. W.
  Samuel Chase, Proxy.
Eastern Lodge, No. 7, by Samuel Kyle, W. M.
United Lodge, No. 8, by Geo. W. Chase, W. M.
Saco Lodge, No. 9, by Timothy J. Murray, W. M.
  Edward P. Burnham, S. W.
  Elijah Smith, Proxy.
Rising Virtue Lodge, No. 10, by G. F. Sargent, S. W.
  Jeremiah Fenno, J. W.
  Silas Alden Proxy.
Cumberland Lodge, No. 12, by Timo. H. Weymouth, W. M.
Oriental Lodge, No. 13, by A. M. Savage, Proxy.

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Solar Lodge, No. 14, by John Mathews, S. W.
  J. T. Furber, J. W.
  Thomas W. Lucas, Proxy.
Orient Lodge, No. 15, by 0. J. Fernald, W. M.
St. George's Lodge, No. 16, by Stephen B. Dockham W. M.
  Alden M. Wetherbee S. W.
Ancient Landmark Lodge, No. 17, by Stevens Smith, W. M.
  A. P. Stinson, S. W.
  George Haslet, J. W.
Oxford Lodge, No. 18, by Alden Palmer, Proxy.
Felicity Lodge, No. 19, by Thomas B. Emery, S. W.
Maine Lodge, No. 20, by S. B. Walker, J. W.
  J. G. Hoyt, Proxy.
Oriental Star Lodge, No. 21, by David G. Plummer, Proxy.
York Lodge, No. 22, by Orin Kimball, W. M.
Freeport Lodge, No. 23, by John Collins, W. M.
  Wm. A. Mitchell, J. W.
Phoenix Lodge, No. 24, by Cornelius Hinds, W. M.
  Alden D. Chase, S. W.
  Samuel H. Walker J. W.
Village Lodge, No. 26, by Geo. W. Tincker, W. M.
  J. C. Adams, J. W.
Adoniram Lodge, No. 27, by Arthur McArthur, Proxy.
Tranquil Lodge, No. 29, by Augustus Callahan, W. M.
  A. H. Small, S. W.
  Charles C. Niebuhr, J. W.
Blazing Star Lodge, No. 30, by Stephen Berry, Proxy.
Hermon Lodge, No. 32, by D. C, Palmer, W. M.
  J. M. Colson, S. W.
  J. McCurdy, Proxy.
Waterville Lodge, No. 33, by J. II. Drummond, W. M

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Somerset Lodge, No. 34, by A. D. Murray, J. W.
  Joseph Philbrick, Proxy.
Bethlehem Lodge, No. 35, by Elias G. Hedge, W. M.
  G. S. Mulliken, S. W.
  Melvin Pillsbury, J. W.
Casco Lodge, No. 36, by J. M. Bucknam, Proxy.
Harmony Lodge, No. 38, by Merrill Thomas, W. M.
  J. I. Stevens, Proxy.
Lygonia Lodge, No. 40, by D. P. Lake, W. M.
  B. F. Thomas, S. W.
Alna Lodge, No. 43, by Valentine B. Oakes Proxy.
Piscataquis Lodge, No. 44, by Wm. H. Stinchfield W. M.
Central Lodge, No. 45, by Charles Taylor, W. M.
St. Croix Lodge, No. 46, by Francis Williams, Proxy.
Dunlap Lodge, No. 47, by F. D. Edgerly, W. M.
  J. P. Scammon, Proxy.
La Fayette Lodge, No. 48, by Dana B. Fogg, Proxy.
Meridian Splendor Lodge, No. 49, by John Benson, J. W.
Aurora Lodge, No. 50, by John C. Moody, W. M.
  Benjamin B. Bean, Proxy.
Mosaic Lodge, No. 52, by E. B. Averill, Proxy.
Vassalborough Lodge, No. 54, by John Homans, W. M.
  E. Small, Jr., Proxy.
Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 56, by Levi P. Sawyer, W. M.
Unity Lodge, No. 58, by James Weed, W. M.
Mount Hope Lodge, No. 59, by John Lermond, W. M.
Star in the East Lodge, No. 60, by Solomon Moulton, Proxy.
King Solomon's Lodge, No. 61, by M. M. Rawson, Proxy.

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King David's Lodge, No. 62, by David Howe, S. W.
Richmond Lodge, No. 63, by Jona. S. Chapman, W. M.
  D. W. C. Chamberlin, S. W.
  J. M. Kelly, J. W.
Pacific Lodge, No. 64, by David Barker, W. M.
Mystic Lodge, No. 65, by George Bradley, Proxy.
Mechanics' Lodge, No. 66, by H. H. Brackett, S. W.
Mariners' Lodge, No. 68, by Albert H. Barnes, W. M.
  Eliab Stevens, S. W.
Howard Lodge, No. 69, by Henry G. Morgan, W. M.
Rising Sun Lodge, No. 71, by Nathan Emerson, W. M.
Tyrian Lodge, No. 73, by Daniel P. Atwood, W. M.
  Solomon Atwood, Proxy.
Bristol Lodge, No. 74, by James H. Varney, W. M.
Plymouth Lodge, No. 75, by Asa Heath, Proxy.
Arundel Lodge, No. 76, by Samuel Pope, W. M.
  D. P. Jefferds, Proxy.
Rockland Lodge, No. 79, by Josiah Gatchell, S. W.
Key Stone Lodge, No. 80, by O. R. Bacheller, W. M.
Atlantic Lodge, No. 81, by W. P. Preble, W. M.
  Franklin Fox, S. W.

The Committee further report, that the following named Permanent Members are present:—

Abner B. Thompson, Past Grand Master;

J. C. Stevens, Past Grand Master;

Stephen Webber, Past Junior Grand Warden;

William Somerby, Past Junior Grand Warden;

And Grand Officers as follows, to wit :—

John Miller, M. W. Grand Master.

Jabez True, R. W. Deputy Grand Master.

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Moses Dodge, R. W. Grand Treasurer.

Charles B. Smith, R. W. Recording Grand Secretary.

Allen Haines, R. W. Corresponding Grand Secretary

Cyrus Cummings, W. and Rev. Grand Chaplain

Cyril Pearl, W. and Rev. Grand Chaplain

S. B. Dockham, W. Grand Marshal

E. G. Rawson, W. Senior Grand Deacon.

Hiram Chase, W. Junior Grand Deacon.

0. A. Merrill, W. Grand Steward.

John J. Bell, W. Grand Sword Bearer.

John Dain, Grand Tyler.

Respectfully submitted,

Committee on Credentials

Which Report was received and adopted by the Grand Lodge.

The following papers were presented, and laid on the table ; and were subsequently referred to the Committee on Grievances and Appeals:—

An attested copy of Proceedings in Ancient Landmark Lodge, relative to the suspension of Bro. William Andrews :

An attested copy of Proceedings of Portland Lodge, relative to the expulsion of Bro. James R. Milliken:

An attested copy of Proceedings had in Meridian Splendor Lodge, relating to the expulsion of Bro. Orin Footman:

Attested copies of Proceedings in Lygonia Lodge, and of papers relating to the expulsion of Bro. James Belcher:

Papers relating to differences between St. Croix Lodge, Calais, and Union Lodge, St. Stephens, N. B.

The M. W. Grand Master then announced the following


On Dispensations and Charters.
Elias G. Hedge, Timothy J. Murray, and Daniel K. Kennedy.

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On Doings of the Grand Officers.
Wm. P Preble, Jr., M. M. Rawson, and Arthur McArthur.

On Returns.
Samuel Kyle, John C. Moody and Stevens Smith.

On Grievances and Appeals.
Hiram Chase, Jeremiah Fenno, and Franklin Fox.

On the Pay Roll.
G. F. Sargent, Samuel Pope, and John Benson.

The following Address was then read by the M. W. Grand Master:—


Brethren of the Grand Lodge:—

Another year has passed away, and we are again permitted to assemble in this place, solemnly dedicated to Masonry, virtue, and universal benevolence. And, amid the various subjects that agitate the public mind, all of which are calculated to estrange one from the other, let us rejoice that there is one place, where we can with one common consent, lay them all aside, and greet each other as brethren,

The rapid flight of years, is calculated to remind us that our sands are fast running out, and that this Convocation, with some present, will, in all probability, be our last; but whose turn it may be, is not for us to know. But let us rest assured, that, if we live according to the true principles of this our time-honored institution, when called to go, our Grand Master in Heaven, will greet us with, " well done, good and faithful servants."

It affords me peculiar satisfaction to see so many brethren, from different parts of the State, assemble on this occasion; and now, brethren, lot it be the desire of each one, that such a spirit of kindness, forbearance, and brotherly love, may be manifested in all our

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transactions, that we may have occasion to say, "behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Within our own jurisdiction, nothing has occurred within the past year, to my knowledge, (with some slight exceptions,) to mar that universal peace and harmony, that ought to characterize our noble order. Masonry is not only rapidly advancing, but has taken an elevated position. The great body of the fraternity are actuated by the noblest impulses, and are awakened to new convictions of Masonic duties and obligations. And if there is danger of this our noble institution ever being brought into disrepute, from any one cause, more than from all others, that cause will be for the want of proper care in the admission of members. And as this will probably be the last time that I shall be permitted to address you in the capacity I now do, the representatives of Lodges now present, will permit me to give them one word of advice, and that is, never, never suffer the object of increasing your numbers, or your funds, to induce you to receive a doubtful character. And if you wish to have intelligent, well-informed Masons, never be in haste in conferring the degrees. One degree in a month, (except on special occasions,) is as much as will be profitable for the brother receiving them.

Many questions have been submitted to me during the year, in regard to Masonic jurisprudence, all of which I have answered to the best of my ability; and I have felt the need of some standard and approved work on this subject; and I would respectfully recommend, that the Grand Lodge take measures to have a work compiled and approved by the Grand Lodge. Such a work would be an invaluable acquisition to our library, and of great value to every Subordinate Lodge.

I have, during the year, appointed three Grand Lecturers, viz: Brethren S. B. Dockham, of Warren; G. W. Chase, of Brunswick; and T. J. Murray, of Saco; and they will be prepared to exemplify the work and lectures, or any portion thereof, before the Grand Lodge, if required so to do.

I have formed a new Masonic District, being No. 10, and made some alteration in some other Districts, all of which has been done by the earnest request of Lodges and brethren particularly inter-

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ested, all of which will appear, by the returns of the several District Deputy Grand Masters.

On the 25th day of May, I extended the dispensation to Crescent Lodge, at Pembroke, to the present meeting of the Grand Lodge.

On the 15th of June, I specially appointed, M. W. E. P. Dunlap, to form and open a Grand Lodge, consecrate and dedicate Key Stone Lodge, at Solon, and install its officers; which service was performed on the 27th of June, in public, and a return of his doings has been made.

On the 24th of July, I formed and opened a Grand Lodge at Rock-land, assisted by W. S. B. Dockham, and the officers and members of Aurora Lodge, and solemnly constituted Rockland Lodge, and installed its officers.

On the 27th of July, I granted a dispensation to certain brethren to form and open a Lodge in St. George, County of Lincoln, by the name of Eureka Lodge; the application was accompanied by the recommendation of the nearest Lodge, and the approval of the District Deputy Grand Master, and the dispensation is returnable at the present session.

On the 2d of August, I specially appointed M. W. E. P. Dunlap to form and open a Grand Lodge, and lay the foundation stone of a public building in Saco; which service was performed on the 15th of August.

On the 20th of August, I renewed the dispensation to Hancock Lodge, at Tremont, and made it returnable at the present session.

On the 27th of August, I granted) a dispensation to certain brethren, to form and open a Lodge in South Berwick, by the name of St. John's Lodge. Seven of the petitioners were members of St. John's Lodge, formerly held in that place ; their charter surrendered to the Grand Lodge, and I recommend that said charter be restored, if not inconsistent with any Masonic usage or custom.

On the l6th of September, I specially appointed R. W. J. C. Talbot to form and open a Grand Lodge, and dedicate a Masonic hall at Lubec, and install the officers of Washington Lodge.

On the 27th day of October, I granted a dispensation to certain brethren to form and open a Lodge at Rockport, County of Waldo,

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by the name of St. Johns Lodge, The application was accompanied by the requisite recommendation of the nearest Lodge, and the approval of the District Deputy Grand Master, and the dispensation is returnable at the present session.

On the 12th of November, I specially appointed M. W. R. P. Dun-lap to publicly install the officers of Richmond Lodge, at Richmond, which service was performed on the 19th of November, a return of which has been made.

On the 20th of November, I specially appointed W. S. B. Dock-ham to publicly install the officers of St. George's Lodge at Warren, which service was performed on the 22d of November, a return of which has been made.

On the 1st day of December, I specially appointed W. S. B. Dock-ham to publicly install the officers of Aurora Lodge, at Rockland, a return of which has been made.

On the 10th of January, I specially appointed M. W. R. P. Dun-lap to publicly install the officers of Harmony Lodge, at Gorham, which service was performed on the 22d of January.

On the 12th of January, I specially appointed W. S. B. Dockham to publicly install the officers of Bristol Lodge, at Bristol, which service was performed on the 16th of January.

On the 16th of January, I specially appointed M. W. R. P. Dun-lap to form and open a Grand Lodge, and publicly dedicate a Masonic hall at Gardiner.

On the 6th of February, I granted a dispensation to certain brethren to form and open a Lodge in the city of Bangor, by the name of St. John's Lodge. The application was accompanied by the requisite recommendation of the nearest Lodge, and the approval of the Dis-trict Deputy Grand Master, and the dispensation is returnable at the present session.

On the 22d of February, I granted a dispensation to Richmond Lodge, to confer the degrees in the gift of the Lodge on Rev. Daniel Clark, sooner than the time prescribed by the Grand Lodge.

On the 1st day of March, I granted a dispensation to certain brethren to form and open a Lodge at Saccarappa, in the town of Westbrook, County of Cumberland, by the name of Temple Lodge. The application was accompanied by the requisite recommendation

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of the nearest Lodge, and the approval of the District Deputy Grand Master, and the dispensation is returnable at the present session.

I have arrested the charter of the Union Lodge at Union, for un-masonic conduct, and have in my possession the charter and property belonging to said Lodge; (for which I have given my accountable receipt,) to be restored to said Lodge, or delivered to the Grand Treasurer, as the M. W. Grand Lodge may direct.

The duties pertaining to the office of Grand Master, although pleasant, require more labor, care, and attention, than I was aware of; those duties I have performed to the best of my ability, and it affords me great satisfaction to reflect that my brethren are of too generous a disposition to severely censure what they believe to have been well intended, although its want of merit and correctness, should prevent their being able to approve of it. Almost fifty-three years of my life I have been connected with the Masonic institution; I have spent many pleasant hours with brethren, some of whom are gone, while others live; I have received many tokens of their kind regard. During that period, I have paid some attention, as my brethren all know, to the theory of Masonry; but have always found the practical part of Masonry, the hardest and most difficult to learn; and should I bo inquired of, how that can be overcome and made less difficult, I know of no better answer or advice to give, than to set your standard of morals high. All aim for it, all strive to win the prize; and if any should seem to come short of it, as you probably will, it may afford you some satisfaction to reflect that God looks at the motive; and that, although David was not permitted to build the temple, yet he was blessed because he had it in his heart so to do.

Brethren will please not consider me a candidate for any office in the Grand Lodge, for the year ensuing.

JOHN MILLER, Grand Master.

On motion,

Voted, That the address of the M. W. Grand Master be referred to the Committee on Doings of the Grand Officers.

The Grand Master reported, that he had arrested the Charter of Union Lodge, and requested that the subject might be referred to a special committee. Accordingly Bro's Bell.

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Dorrance and D. Barker were appointed a committee, to take into consideration all matters pertaining to the difficulties in Union Lodge.

The Grand Treasurer presented and read his annual Report, as follows:—

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine,

At the last Annual Communication of this Grand Body, a Resolve was passed instructing the Grand Treasurer to make up the accounts between the Lodges composing the several Masonic Districts and the Grand Lodge, in a Ledger which had been prepared and commenced ; but which had been neglected for many years. Although the action of the Grand Lodge in relation to this matter, does not appear in the printed Proceedings; still knowing as I did what that action was, I did not feel at liberty to take any advantage of this fact and adopt the " do nothing" policy ; but at my earliest convenience I commenced the labor assigned to me.

I found, on examination of this " so called" " Treasurer's Account Book"—that accounts were there commenced between each Masonic District and the G. Lodge, which accounts included in detail the name of each Lodge in the District—its location—Master's name— No. of Members—No. of Initiates—amount of Fees for Initiation— amount of Annual Fees for members—total amount of Fees—with the name of the D. D. G. Master, and the Receipts for each year— said accounts were complete up to 1829 and 1830, only—leaving the Balance of twenty-five years to be made up from the Returns, &c. on file. I soon found, on commencing the work that the materials were wanting—and the language of the resolve, (which was introduced by Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Covell,) seemed to me very much like that of the King of Egypt, to the Children of Israel, " Thus saith Pharaoh, I will not give you straw. Go ye, get you straw where you can find it; yet not aught of your work shall be diminished."

I have searched in and about the Temple and among the rubbish— ransacked the archives of the Grand Lodge—and after spending such an amount of time and bestowing so much labor as I would not dare to give the total of if I could, lest my character as a Mason for truth and veracity might suffer—I have completed the work,

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so far as I think it possible for it to be done, considering the scarcity of Records and returns during the dark ages of Masonry, or rather Anti-Masonry, and the long period of time which has since elapsed.

Of eighty-one Lodges which were under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge in May, 1855, sixty-nine have made Returns and paid fees. Of the remaining twelve, Atlantic Lodge was chartered at that date. Hancock, No. 4—Pythagorean, No. 11—Village, No. 26—Morning Star, No. 41—St. John's, No. 51—and Rural, No. 53, have surrendered their Charters. In accordance with a Resolution of Grand Lodge adopted May, 1855, I have written to, and made inquiries concerning the other five Lodges, and report—that King Hiram, No. 57, surrendered their Charter, with Records, &c. in 1852 or 1853, to Rt. W. Cornelius Holland ; but they have never been received by the G. Treasurer and are probably lost.

Temple, No. 25, has never resumed work, and has no officers. Rt. W. Stephen Webber, in a note to me says, " I will try to get them to resume work during the year or to surrender their Charter."

Of Steep Palls, No. 70, Bro. Wm. Paine, Secretary, says, " Steep Falls Lodge was consecrated July 4, 1853.Have had no meeting since. In the early part of the year 1854, Stephen C. Watson, Senior Warden, moved to Pekin, Illinois, and carried with him our Charter, Jewels, Collars, and as we suppose, Aprons. He says we owe him, and refuses to give up the implements till he has his pay. Eben'r H. McLellan, of East Limington, was Master."

Fraternal, No. 55 made returns—was organized only a week or two before the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge, and paid no fees.

Tremont, No. 77, made their returns—returned their Dispensation also, paid the balance of their Charter fee, and asked for a Charter, which petition was referred to the Committee on Dispensations and Charters. No record of this or any other succeeding action appears in the printed Proceedings. No fees were paid by said Lodge for Initiations. I wrote the Secretary of the Lodge on this subject—have received no answer. As they had neither Dispensation or Charter, I wrote M. W. G. Master John Miller, in relation to it. In the case of this Lodge " farther the deponent saith not."

The Secretaries of Portland and Ancient L. Mark Lodges, and Mt. Vernon Chapter have severally notified me that those bodies have

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voted, unanimously, to decline accepting any part of the Fifty Dollars, voted to be paid by the Grand Lodge toward the expense of fitting a new Masonic Hall in Portland.

The Note of $500 00 which the Grand Lodge held against Asa and Seth Bailey—and which was included in the funds of the Gr. Lodge as reported last year—as the interest was unpaid for several years, I was advised by some of the officers of the Gr. Lodge and Trustees of Charity Fund to collect if possible.

I placed it in the hands of Bro. Samuel Fessenden, and he—finding payment would not otherwise be made—commenced a legal suit for the same. In due time, judgment was rendered, an execution issued and a levy made on Real Estate in Yarmouth. Since which time, upon the receipt of the amount of note and interest and cost of collection, I have relinquished all claim on said Real Estate by giving a Quit Claim Deed of the same.

The Receipts and Expenditures for the current year, as shown by the several items in detail in account current, annexed, arc in the aggregate, as follows, viz:

Whole amount of Receipts from all sources,—One thousand five hundred and seventy-six dollars and eighty-seven cents,     $1576 87
Balance of account last year, 994 28 1/2
Amount paid out for various purposes,—One thousand five hundred and forty-two dollars and twenty-nine and a half cents, $1542 29 1/2

The By-Laws of this Grand Lodge make it incumbent on each D. D. G. Master, on receiving from the Grand Treasurer the Jewel of his Office, and the record of the District over which he is appointed, to give a receipt for the same. Very few of the Jewels of D. D. G. Masters have been in my possession, as they are seldom returned to this office; and I find that few receipts have ever been given. As to records of the several Districts, it has not as yet been my fortune to see one. Among the reasons why the Jewels, &c. are not regularly receipted for, are these :—First, the Officers are not always appointed while the Grand Lodge is in session ; and, second, the same officers are frequently re-appointed from year to year.


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